Booths From Our 2019 Powwow


Native American Marketplace - Beaded artwork from all over the Southwest.

Native Aptitude – Authentic handmade Native American jewelry, handbags and accessories.


North Wind Legacy – All natural handmade dream catchers, wall hangings, hand painted mugs and tumblers.

Red Tail Hawk Enterprises – Hand made, one-of-a-kind ceremonial pieces, leatherwork, necklaces, knives, rattles, drums, walking sticks, fans, flutes, botanicals, and CDs by Virgie Ravenhawk.


SeeArtRun – Abel Rodriguez presents felt cactus, artwork, and día del los muertos skulls.

Tracking Natives – Luis Cuervo (Kuna) returns with his beautiful indigenous made shoes and bags from Colombia. Special prices for Powwow visitors.

Underground Crystal Co. – Ronald Krueger brings us handmade bags & jewelry, along with a vast selection natural crystals

Native Offerings from Mike Dreyer – Mike brings native weapons, handmade bags, and beautiful jewelry to this year's powwow

Creaciones Diana – Jorge Morales offers sweet Mexican candies, as well as wooden art & seed jewelry

Rio Claro Studios – Adriana Mederos will feature her original artwork at this year's powwow

Chris Crosby's Purple Coyote – This member of the Coushatta brings with him handmade jewelry & native print textiles of all kinds

Intertribal Visions – Travis Komahcheet of the Comanche features custom apparel, art, and novelty goods this year




B&E - Blanca and Everett Reyes (Lipan Apache) present a variety of arts and crafts including horse hair pottery, Katchina dolls, artifacts, Navajo jewelry, and sand pottery.

Cassy's – Navajo & Artesian

pottery, healing oils, gemstones, homemade incense sticks & candles.


Down South Trading – Handmade items by Villarreal family (Lipan Apache) and other Native artists.

Earth Light Creations – Handmade leather pouches, willow dreamcatchers, PMC pendants, bracelets, and agate artwork by Rose Hernandez (Mescalero Apache)


Free Spirit Creations – Martha Tabares (Taino) brings live medicinal plants, tinctures, and teas.


Indian Jewelry of GallupNavajo and San Juan Pueblo vendors bringing genuine, handmade Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo jewelry. All the way from Gallup, New Mexico.

Indian SunsetSandra Cone (Choctaw) brings us traditional leather-work, pin & ink drawings, and handmade jewelry.

Maldonado Jewelry – Beautiful handmade silver jewelry, returning artist.

Munay Ayllu – John Perches of the Kallpulli Tlalteca brings us cultural crafts like paintings & carvings

Native American Jewelry – Florentino Bailon of the Santo Domingo offers sterling silver rings & bracelets, all handmade

KnD's Boutique – This shop brings us hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, and purses

Huarachitos – Providing tradition & culture through their footwear & dress

Tooknihuan De – Gaudencio Ramirez of the Nahua offers a selection of Mexican arts & crafts to this year's attendees

Key To Life Botanicals – Offering specialty topicals, oils, & foods containing CBD and hemp flower



Eddie's Funnel Cake – Delectable funnel cakes as well as fried Oreos, Twinkies, and Snickers.

Flavorlicious – Flavorful shaved ice, lemonade, and root beer floats.

ICI Turkey Legs – Fundraiser for Indigenous Cultures Institute, turkeys were first domesticated by the Aztec Native people.

Papa Bear Kettle Corn – Delicious popped kettle corn, perfectly sweet & savory

Dora's Frybread – Dora Platero serves up a delicious native classic

Just Smash’em Lemonade – Delicious varieties of freshly squeezed lemonade twisters, shakeups, infused with fresh strawberry, blueberry or pomegranate.


Longhorn Intertribal Frybread – Traditional Native American frybread, rez dogs, tacos, and stew

Chunk Deuce – Adam Hernandez returns to the powwow with delicious BBQ eats

Cindy's Gorditas – Cindy Alvarado serves the powwow snacks & meals of all sizes




Department of Veteran Affairs – Minnie Bowie Garcia (Cherokee) of the Austin VA will join us, educating veterans about the multiple programs & benefits available to them.


Of The Earth Healing – Marika Alvarado (Apache) brings homemade herbal tinctures, delicious Mesquite cookies, and indigenous massage sessions to our gathering.

Official Powwow T-shirts & Raffle – Unique 2019 Powwow-designed shirts, blanket raffles, Powwow tote bags and much more.





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