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General Admissions:

$6 for Saturday, $5 for Sunday, and $8 for a two day pass!

FREE Admission for Children under 12 years!

Powwow Dancers:

Free Admission for all Powwow Dancers and their families

$20,000 in cash prizes for the top four placements in each category

Womens: Cloth, Buckskin, Fancy Shawl, Jingle, Golden Age

Mens: Traditional, Straight, Fancy, Grass, Golden Age

Youth: Girls, Boys, and Tiny Tots

Dancers: Be sure to check in with the head judge prior to competition.


Become a Friend of the Powwow:

The Sacred Springs Powwow is organized by the Indigenous Cultures Institute, a nonprofit working to preserve the cultures of the Native Americans indigenous to Texas and northern Mexico while maintaining our covenant with sacred sites.

It is only with the help of donations & sponsors that we are able to put on this event and continue to teach people of all backgrounds about Native cultures.

Every donation counts! If you're able to help, we'd love your support in allowing us continue our projects and create the biggest powwow event of 2024 and beyond!

Annual attendance of 8,000+

Experience performances by over 100 dancers, traditional drums and singers, spectacular Indian Market with native & Indigenous arts and craft booths, & authentic Native foods.


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