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This year's event offers several different sponsorship opportunities that can be customized to meet specific marketing needs. Each package incorporates a variety of promotional activities and effective exposure to increase brand awareness and loyalty while stimulating sales. We also provide valuable post-event reports. 


25k+ Site Users

75k+ Instagram Organic Reach

100+ Virtual Dancers

2,600+ Facebook Organic Reach

26k Facebook Paid Reach (Targeted Ads)


Sponsor logo and name recognition prominently featured throughout the festival and in all ICI communications including all press releases and marketing messages. This includes our reach with Google Ad grants of $10,000 per month.


Culturally rich in music, art, dancing, and food. There will be an array of attendees, dancers, traditional musicians, craft vendors, and more viewing the content of this in-person event in the months to come.

Placement Opportunities

  • Prominent logo placement on paid Facebook ads (reach of 26,000 in Central Texas alone)

  • Logo placement on the back of event shirts on sale during the virtual festival 

  • Logo on the front page of the organizer's website for one year (Special thanks and link to sponsor website)

  • Our popular media blogger (Instagram) will mention and tag Instagram of sponsor as recognition of contribution

  • Dedicated page with brand logo & information published on the website until November 30, 2022

  • Dedicated email to the ICI email list (4k recipients) announcing your brand's sponsorship with a link to your website

  • Up to $3k in Google Search Ads for traffic to your landing page, with sign-up options for email collection


Indigenous Cultures Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and preservation of the culture of Native Americans indigenous to Texas, collectively known as Coahuiltecans. 

Sponsor Form


Pa – uta’p ▪ Eagle Sponsor  - $5000 or more  Main Dances – The main attraction of the powwow is the dance competition, featuring Indigenous performers from across the continent.  Your support will help us provide cash prizes to the competition winners, ensuring that we are able to recruit the top-rated dancers to the event.  The competition will include twelve categories, such as Men’s Fancy Dance, Women’s Buckskin, Golden Age, and Youth dances.  Prizes will total $20,000, which will be broken down into five placements for each category.

Apamxuepet ▪ Jaguar Sponsor  – $4000  Shuttle Service (3 buses continues service for 2 days) Due to limited on-site parking, general admission attendees will park in university parking lots and be shuttled to the site by San Marcos CISD buses.  Shuttle sponsors will have their businesses listed on each bus, ensuring opportunity to recognize your contribution in front of every event attendee.

Clam Paya Yuye ▪ Wolf Sponsor   - $3000 Drums Sponsor Two traditional drum groups are hired for a powwow in order to accompany the dance contests.  The drum represents the human heartbeat and is the most important instrument in Intertribal culture.  Our event will feature the northern drum group Eagle Point Singers and the southern drum group Otter Trail Singers, who both have strong reputations in the powwow community.  Each group will alternate songs throughout the two-day event in support of both contest and exhibition dances.

Panama ▪ Deer Sponsor    - $2000  Native Cultures Tent (storytelling)/ Coahuiltecan Language Workshop Sponsor;  The Cultures Tent features traditional storytellers, musicians, and educational discussion on Native American culture.  It is located in the arts and crafts vendors market and provides a more intimate opportunity for attendees to engage in a unique cultural experience.  Powwow attendees will have the opportunity to attend a free workshop on the Coahuiltecan language on both days of the event.  The Coahuiltecans are the Indigenous people native to southern Texas and northern Mexico, and the Institute has grown into a major contributor to the revitalization of their language.  This workshop will be held in the conference room of the Meadows Center and will be led by instructors from our language program.

Kiejuēn  ▪ Rabbit Sponsor - $1500 Tiny Tots & Youth Sponsor - The Tiny Tots Presentation provides opportunities for children under 12 years of age to dance in full regalia at the Powwow.  The average age of participants is 5 years of age. This is one of the highlights of the powwow.  This sponsorship includes an internship for an indigenous university student to learn powwow project management and community engagement skills.

Miakan ▪ Waterbird Sponsor   - $1000  Hospitality Tent  (for Volunteers, refreshments/meals) The powwow requires approximately one hundred volunteers over the course of the two-day event.  Your sponsorship of the hospitality tent will allow our team a space to take a break, have a snack, and hydrate.

Awayān ▪  Bird Sponsor - $500  Aztec Dancers Sponsor  (3 sponsorships available) Aztec dancers provide an exhibition performance both days of the powwow. Danza features fast-paced rhythms, movements, and colorful regalia distinct from the northern traditions typically seen at powwows. Their inclusion helps make Sacred Springs Powwow unique while building bridges across Native communities.

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