The current pandemic made hosting last year's physical event unsafe. But that isn't enough to stop our 2021 celebration! Physical or virtual, this year's event will feature performances by hundreds of dancers, traditional drums & singers with featured Indian vendors of arts, crafts & more, all leading up to our grand finale announcing the dance competition's winners.

You'll find information about our physical event below, but be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates on the event's status & dates!


Parking will be available in the parking lots on both sides of Bobcat Stadium.


There will be signs for shuttle pick-up points at the covered waiting area of both parking lots. The shuttles will run continuously from 9:30 until 6:30.


Wingate By Wyndam

108  I.H. 35 North, San Marcos, TX

Call 512-754-6621 and ask for the "powwow rates" of $89 + tax


Master of Ceremonies - Tim Tallchief (Osage)
Arena Director - Bill TakesHorse (Crow)

Head Contest Judge - Gwen TakesHorse (Choctaw)
Head Man Dancer - Cecil Gray (Cheyenne/Kiowa)
Head Lady Dancer - Hauli Sioux Gray (Ponca/Tonkawa)
Head Gourd Dancer - Kevin Rivera (Kiowa/Apache)

Northern Drum - Young Buffalo Horse (Stillwater, OK)

Southern Drum - Ottertrail Singers (Apache, OK)

What are people saying about the Sacred Springs Powwow?
"Oh it was WONDER FILLED! I am so privileged to be a part of it."
"Congratulations on putting together a first rate powwow!"
"That's how powwow is supposed to be! Amazing outdoors with your feet feeling mother earth as you hear the heartbeat through the drum!"
"A pow wow like this in San Marcos was long overdue and we look forward to attending the pow wow annually."
"The Sacred Springs Powwow had something... and that is a proper spirit."